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Diabetic Eye Evaluations

Diabetes is the leading cause of new cases of blindness among adults ages 20 to 74 according to the American Optometric Association. Patients with this disease are far more likely to have problems with their eyes than the rest of the population.

Why do you diabetic patients need eye exams?

All people diagnosed with diabetes – both types 1 and 2 – are at risk of serious eye problems. Diabetic retinopathy is the most-serious condition where changes in the retinal blood vessels eventually lead to blindness.

Our doctors are experts in the management of diabetes. The diabetic eye exam goes far deeper than the routine vision exam. We will analyze your medications, blood glucose levels, glycosylated hemoglobin (A1c) levels, and will perform a thorough retinal examination. We will take care to communicate our findings to you and also with your primary care provider (if you choose). This holistic approach has helped our patients to be more successful in avoiding the harmful effects of diabetes.

What are the stages of diabetic retinopathy that causes vision loss?

There are four stages of diabetic retinopathy: mild nonproliferative, moderate nonproliferative, severe nonproliferative, and proliferative retinopathy. All four stages attack and damage the retina’s blood vessels. Proliferative retinopathy is the most advanced stage of diabetic retinopathy and often results in blurred vision, vision loss, or blindness.

How often should you have an eye exam?

Diabetic patients should have a comprehensive eye exam with detailed retinal evaluation at least once a year. Pregnant, diabetic patients may experience more problems than others and should see an eye doctor as soon as possible. Our doctors utilize the latest technology to monitor for change to eye health from diabetes by using laser retinal imagery such as Optomap and optical coherence tomography (OCT).

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Did You Know?

Laser treatment is used for diabetic retinopathy. Treatment usually isn’t necessary until advanced form of the disease. Diabetic eye disease in the number one cause of preventable blindness in the US.

Patient Recommendations

“I am most pleased with the quality of care and service I was provided by Hamilton Eye Associates, and Dr. Hamilton. The level of experience, thoroughness and attention to detail is evident in the way my appointment was conducted. Having just moved from out of state, it is always a challenge to find the right optometrist that makes me feel comfortable and truly makes overall vision care their number one concern. I am happy to say that I have found that experience at Hamilton Eye Associates. Thanks guys and gals! Highly recommended.” – A Google User

About Dr. Hamilton

Dr. Derek Hamilton graduated from Michigan College of Optometry. He has volunteered his optometric services in the South American country of Guyana. A leader in his profession, Dr. Hamilton is a member of the American Optometric Association’s Continuing Education Committee.